Nitrogen is used to displace oxygen, break the burning triangle and prevent explosion. Oxygen, heat, and fuel are referred to as the "fire triangle." Taking one of these components out of "the fire triangle" makes it impossible of a fire to start.NITROTECH NITROGEN GENERATORS prevent the ignition of fuel tank vapours by inerting the tank with nitrogen enriched air.
  • Inerting of cargo tanks during cargo discharge.
  • Purging of fuel gas line in engine room, for purging of cargo liquid line, vapour line, gas line, vent masts and related cargo equipment.
  • Blanketing the storage tanks and to ensure process safety and quality.
  • Preventing degradation of the cargo sensitive to oxygen, moisture or combustion by-products.
  • Bleeding of insulation space onboard LNG vessels.In LNG carriers the insulation space normally is to be pressurized / maintained by Nitrogen vapour from the nitrogen generator and vented to the atmosphere through vent control valves.
  • It is possible to increase the production by nitrogen injection, from existing or older reservoirs.
  • Nitrogen is also used for enhancing oil recovery rate on existing reservoirs.
  • One of the main use of nitrogen use is to minimize risk of down-hole fires.
  • Better underbalanced drilling is possible, by means of injection of nitrogen to the drilling fluid.
  • Lower drilling fluid density, makes lower down hole hydrostatic pressure.